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Moluk Building Genius

(Playmonster $39.99)

A versatile nine-piece set of squishable, chewable, stackable, tossable, Oibo shapes— 3 Hix Cones, 3 Oibos, 3 Mox Balls. These shapes have been available in separate sets but now they are combined in one wonderful set that is sure to provide hours of play time in the tub, on the floor and even in your lap for early interactions. Squeeze the balls and they open like a mouth, push the cone and it flattens, smush the cubes, pull them or stack them with cones and balls. Easy to grasp, clean and enjoy by baby and older sibs who will find inventive way to entertain themselves and baby.

SNAP: Easy to grasp open-ended toy for developing fine motor skills and use for sorting by color, shape and object permanence games.

Ages: Infants and up

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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