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Megabloks Woodland Friends

(Fisher-Price $19.99)

Designed for beginning block builders, these chunky blocks are also mini-puzzles.Heads and bodies of woodland animals are color coded and fit together. Of course kids will have fun mis-matching them as well and making up funny names for their combo creatures. Kids can put together a bear, fox, raccoon, bunny and deer. Other than putting the critters together, this is a pretty open-ended set that can be used for building whatever kids can imagine. All 30 big blocks in the set are compatible with other Mega Bloks. The company is introducing their first plant-based plastics that we can only hope will mean they won’t stay in the landfill for centuries.

SNAP: Great for stacking, matching and building eye hand skills. Putting the animals together involves part-whole concepts. The larger pegs are easier to manipulate. It's also fun to sort these by color or shape...use them to make trains or towers using patterns...alternate colors and decide together what color comes next if you want to make a pattern. This kind of open ended play material is great for all kinds of activities such as matching colors, counting.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020

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