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Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Lilou & Louise

(Corolle $62.10 and up)

Baby Lilou ($62.10) is an armful, a 14” soft-bodied baby doll. Toddlers like big huggables, but they need to be light enough not to overwhelm. Lilou is just right! She has sleepy eyes that open when she’s upright and totally huggable. Like all Corolle dolls, she has a sweet vanilla scent and comes dressed in a pants set with a floral top and matching headband. On her tiny feet, a pair of removable pink shoes. Just the right size for new big brother or sister. Also available Mon Grand Poupon Louise ($68.98) with Caucasian skin tone. These baby dolls are hairless, a safer choice for toddlers who still mouth their toys. They'll also look more like new babies that big brothers and sisters may be welcoming to the family. 2 and up.

Ages: Toddlers. Preschool

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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