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Barbie Fast Cast Clinic Playset

(Mattel $49.99)

We have to admit it—Barbie can do anything! OK, Doctor Barbie has been around for a while. Yes, but did you ever imagine she could make casts for dolls with broken arms, legs, ankles? Really! She’s a working orthopedist! This brunette Doctor Barbie takes ex-rays, checks out her patients on the examining table, and can even repair a broken leg or arm! Right there on the spot she can make a cast to fit. Her casts, made of dough, can be pink (of course) , purple, or just plain white. She even has stickers to decorate those colorful casts. If needed she has crutches and of course she has a mask. As you would expect, she does all this while looking bright and cheerful in a plaid dress that diminishes any fears of her white coat, clogs (not heels) stethoscope, and other tools. Just in case the patient needs cheering up, there’s also a gift shop. The only thing missing is the patient, but we assume there are many other fashionista Barbie’s just waiting to be lifted out of the toy heap, who will step (limp?) into that role.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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