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CRAFTIVITY Tropical Terrarium Kit - Craft Kits for Teens

For crafty fingers and a green thumb, here’s kit for older kids. The plastic terrarium is shaped like high-end glass versions, but a lot safer. The gold edginig is added with special tape. Then it’s planting time. The kit comes with very decorative polka dot plant seeds that are added to the special potting soil. Add to that the colored layering sand, stone and find a special place for the little flamingo and stickers. The plant should sprout in a couple of weeks. There’s a water dropper, so the seeds don’t get drowned and instructions to read and follow. A craft kit that combines a little science with a little art and something that will keep changing long. After the gift wrap is gone. Marked for 12 and up.


Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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