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Crayola Watercolor Paint Set, Pop & Paint Palette

(Crayola $9.97)

Forget about those watercolor paint pots that get dirty and overly wet. Here's an updated way for beginners and others to paint with watercolor chips. The set comes with a palette that holds eight colors. Use the water filled paint brush to wet the chip and pick up a bit of color with the wet brush and there it is—pure, clean color. The chips dry and can be reused. Toss them when the color is all used up. The set includes" 96 disposable watercolor chips (16 strips in 8 colors- 2 of each color with 6 chips per strip), 1 cleaning sponge, 1 refillable water brush, 1 plastic reusable paint palette. It's truly less messy and kids will l use it for school projects and art work at home. Marked 4 and up, but we think this is a better bet for early school years.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022


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