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eeBoo 100 Piece Round Puzzles Busy Cats & Under the Sea

(eeBoo $21.99 each)

Round puzzles tend to be more of a challenge than the usual rectangular puzzles. Maybe it’s the outside edges and corners on rectangular puzzles that form a frame that’s missing and harder to do with the round puzzles. That said, those who are ready for the next challenge up, before going on to 500 and more pieces, these 100-piece puzzles are a good place to start. Both of these new puzzles offer a busy image. We think they’ll love the gold background of the Busy Cats puzzle with cats of all colors and shapes and colors. Under the Sea is even more challenging with many more schools of fish to bring together to form the 20-inch diameter puzzles Marked 5 and up, we’d say 5s could help if this is a family put together project. Otherwise, these are both going to be hard for young ones. We’d say these are better sited for 7 +.

Ages: Older Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2022


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