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eeBoo 1000 Piece Puzzles: A Happy Holiday

(eeBoo $23.99 each)

Make puzzling together a Holiday Tradition!

We love A Happy Holiday with an um-pa-pa band playing for the merry shoppers on the street. Artist Victoria Ball adds a cast of characters in the windows above the busy shopping scene.

Ages: Tweens & Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2022

Two other wonderful choices:

Take your choice from this triple Dutch Treat. Three festive1000-piece puzzles with a Dutch theme. Magical Amsterdam is all lit up with Christmas trees in almost every window as skaters take to the ice on the canal.

Looking for something cozier? Look at the very decorative Dutch Quilt Sampler designed with flowers, animals, and colorful designs by Anisa Makhoul.


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