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eeBoo 1000-piece Puzzles: Astrology, Songbird Tree, and Angela

(eeBoo $23.99 each)

A perfect birthday gift; this striking Astrology 1000-piece puzzle with the names of the constellations, creatures and gemstones that match Astrological sign some believe affect their lives. Want a gift for a bird lover?

eeBoo’s Songbird Tree will be a winner! With a mound of brilliant flowers at the base a tree with brilliantly colored birds perch on the leafy branches. With 1000 pieces, this may take longer than spotting a cardinal in the garden. Be ready for a challenging time with all those look alike leaves. It’s the distinctive birds that will (help) put it all together.Finished. Puzzle is 23” square, so start on a good-sized table. And here’s one more challenge:

You will need patience! We’re not sure who will be able to get the image of Angela together. We might have given her an Indian name, since she looks a lot like celebrants of the Indian Springtime Celebration of Holi, when people toss colorful powder at each other and end up looking a lot like this. Of all the new puzzles we received this is surely the most challenging. With only eyes, nose and lips to anchor the colors, this is going to keep an avid puzzle person on the edge of his seat.

Ages: Tweens & Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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