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eeBoo Alchemist’s Cabinet, Berlin Life, Woman in Flowers, 1000-Piece Puzzles

(eeBoo $23.99 each)

A mysterious collection of items that might well be found in an Alchemist’s Cabinet

will be a challenge for a family working together to put together. This is one of a new collection that has been curated with music to accompany the effort. eeBoo has added a special barcode to their “Artist Playlist” puzzles. Use your cell phone with the barcode on the box to activate just the right mood music on Spotify to play as you solve the 100-piece puzzles. Also in the collection, a Woman in Flowers, a fanciful image of a woman-of-color in a bright field of colorful posies.

Or consider one of their international city views, Berlin Life, that is more like a picture book imagining than a postcard


Ages:Tweens & Teeens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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