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eeBoo Koala House 64 Pieces and 1000 Pieces

(Company Name $11.99-21.99)

There’s so much to see in this cutaway view of Koala House. Zebra and Polar Bear are dancing up a storm up on the third floor and next-door Koala is working on an eeBoo puzzle. On the second floor Brown Bear is painting a picture of Koala on his easel. Next door tiger is reading to herself. Polar Bear is reading to a little girl. There are several other rooms with lots of activity going on. Lots to talk about and details that will help in putting this together. Depending on who is going to do this, choose the 64-piece puzzle that comes together in a 15 X 15 inch image or bring home the big 1000 piece puzzle that ends up a big 23 X 23 inches. When it’s all together, take turns making up stories about the adventures going on in Koala’s House. It features the same characters found in the Quantum Koalas Create A Story Cards designed by artist, Saxton Freymann.

Ages: Early School and Tweens/Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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