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eeBooo ABC Puzzle Pairs

(eeBoo $16.99)

Although this puzzle contains pairs of letters and images from A-Z, start out with just six pairs so as not to overwhelm beginners. Look at the images and be sure your child can name the objects. Most are familiar objects, but maybe not the anteater for A or the dish of ice cream that at first glance you might call a be clear on what the pictures are called. Turn the six picture cards face down. Leave the letter cards face up. Take turns drawing a picture card and name the item on the card. Then connect the picture with the right beginning sound. Add five more pairs, play the same game. Before adding. more pairs, give your child time to mix the pieces up and connect them on his own. No reason to rush to add more. Use the cards to play a game of What’s My Letter? Say a string of words that start with one of the letters on the table. For example, if you have a B on the table along with the other four letters, you could say these four words: Baby, Bounce, Bug...Then ask, “What letter do you hear at the start of those words?” In time you can switch places and have the child offer four words. The fact that they recite the alphabet is not nearly as important as the basic connections they make to between what letters and sounds they hear and see. Gradually add more pairs, but remember, don’t try to do all of this in one day, but as opportunities present themselves. You might want to point out that the letter card has a matching band to the background of the picture card or maybe wait and let your child make that discovery. Marked 3 and up. We’d say these are great games for some older preschoolers, and even better for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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