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Faber-Castell Color in Mural

With six bright neon markers, 2 foil sticker sheets, wiggle eyes, painter's tape and instructions, kids will have hours of fun as they decorate the images on this 1 foot high and 11.5 foot long mural. We don't review a lot of pre-made art to color, but we think this mural format will be fun to work on for kids who are housebound for long stretches of time or to use together on a play date. Staying inside the lines is not exactly art, but it is a skill that is often expected in school. This mural has no proscribed color demands, leaving kids freedom to select their unique way of making the colors sing and adding stickers and wiggle eyes. It's also a project that is not likely to be done all at once ( unless a few kids work together) so it's also about stick-to-it skills or cooperative ones.

Ages: Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022

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