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Fisher-Price Goaldozer

(Fisher-Price $59.99)

For active play, this indoor soccer game for preschoolers will get them up and running, you might say they’ll get a kick out of this one…sorry, I couldn’t resist. It’s a goalpost that moves around and encourages young players to do even more than scoring with a kick. As they follow the roving goaldozer, they will be listening to it calling out directions. In some ways, this might be called a “bossy toy” telling little players to stand on one leg, wave their arms over their heads, or to kick with their right foot (before kids know left from right.) But then it also plays age appropriate games like Warm up, Spin Shots, Trick Shots, and Kick off, encouraging kids dance and dribble when it lights up green until the lights turn red and shouts, “Time out!” telling players to Freeze! Goaldozer has a volume control but it’s a very Noisy toy that kids are going to love, but parents and household pets may hate. The instructions do suggest that once kids have played with sound and know the directions to each game, you can turn off the instructions and just play. The toy runs best on a hard, smooth surface, not rugs. Maybe you can leave this one at Grandma’s house. 3 and up

Ages: Preschool

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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