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Math for Love Prime Climb

A clever game that not only reinforces math skills, it turns using those skill for an entertaining time shared with others. Players have the option to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to be the first to get their pawns to the winner’s place on the board—101. If your multiplication tables are a little rusty...not to worry, there’s a multiplication table included to help. The handsome board is arranged in a spiral from 0 to 101 and the color-coded circles indicate the factors. It’s a good family game that will challenge kids and adults to use flexible thinking by switching gears between operations. Players get to pick a prime card if they land on a red prime number; but watch out! Some prime cards are good news, others will set you back. Either way, players discover the need for looking ahead and using strategy to make it to the winner’s circle. Kids who are till at the adding and subtracting stage can play it, but it’s going to be a lot more fun for 10s and up who are able to multiply and divide. This is not a new game, but it is new to us. Don’t know how we missed it. Trust us, this is a lot more fun than flashcards and will reinforce those recall skills in an entertaining way.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020


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