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Mattel Uno Triple Play

(Mattel $26.99)

The classic card game is played on a new device with three places to discard cards by making matches of numerals, colors, or type of card. The electronic platform with three slots has lights and sounds that tell which discard pile the player must use. But be careful! The lights goes from green to yellow to red to OVERLOAD! A player who hits that unhappy place must take extra cards, dictated by the platform. For some the electronic sounds and lights may add suspense. Others may be happiest with the original card game sans the lights and sounds. It’s the same Uno game otherwise with the same rules recall. As always, be sure you don’t forget to yell UNO when you are down to one card—or you will end up with more cards! 7 and up.

Ages:Older Early School, Family Game

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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