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Mudpuppy ABC Spot Me

(Mudpuppy $14.99)

A matching alphabet game with 60 cards picturing familiar items to name and know and to match up with 26 ABC cards. The suggested game play is for players to race to be the first to spot a picture of an item that matches with the letter card on display. The player with the most picture cards wins. We think you’ll think up lots of other games to play with these colorful cards, as well. For example: dole out four cards to each player and put down four picture cards. Players take any matching pair of letter and image that start with that sound. Play a cooperative nesting game: put out all the letters and then take turns pulling picture cards and finding the letter it should nest. Or play a sorting game, putting cards in attribute piles. This is marked for preschoolers, but trust me, you will think of other games to play with these colorful cards for Kindergarten and First graders.

Ages: Older preschoolers, Early School


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