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Paint Your Own Porcelain Christmas Ornaments

(Mindware $22.95)

A craft kit that may well become a keepsake. They come with all the paints and supplies needed for making their own unique ornaments. Parental help will be needed for baking them to set the paint. If you prefer, consider MindWare Countdown Calendar: 12 Days of Color Your Own Ornaments (26.99) A dozen small porcelain ornaments are hidden each of the 12 windows, ready for kids to decorate with markers and hang on the Christmas tree. These also make special little gifts children can give. They make keepsakes to enjoy this year and for years to come. Be sure to have them put initials and the year on the back. The set comes with six markers and string for hangers.

Since they are breakable, these are a safer choice for

8s and up.

Ages: Older Early School Years, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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