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SmartGames Apple Twist Travel Puzzle Game

(SmartGames $14.99)

A fun brainteaser game for solo play. Your playing board includes a two-sided, five-part apple that can be twisted to match the challenge and three caterpillars that you will bend to match the challenge. A small booklet holds 60 different puzzles that you must replicate on the apple by bending the caterpillars to match. There are games that grow ever more difficult as you progress. Happily, if you get stuck there's a mini answer image for each at the back of the booklet. Although it's marked 5 to adult, we think kids under 7 will have a hard time with this. That said, it's good fun and gives players a chance to use their logical thinking, visual perception, and flexible thinking skills. A good off-screen game for travel and other sit still times.

Ages:Early School Years, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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