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Thames & Kosmos Kai, the Artificial Intelligence Robot

AI meets Construction in this trendy Robot kit. Our experienced builder took at least four hours and says this model is more complex than most and will be a good choice only for dedicated and patient builders. That said, he says the play value pays back, big time. Once built, players use a smartphone to teach the six-legged insect-like robot to move with the RC or commands which are taught by videoing movements and or audio commands. An outstanding and rewarding set for kids willing to read the directions with care and stay with the task at hand. One more caution: the kit does not come with some tools that are absolutely needed to build this amazing robot, a wire clipper to separate the parts and a very small Philips screwdriver. Just so you understand, the builder has to get from here:

Ages:Tweens and Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023

to here...


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