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Woodstock Chime Along Musical Toy

Here's a silvery oldie that never loses its appeal. We gave this a Platinum Award many long years ago and it's still a winner, in our opinion. We like the idea of bringing a musical toy into the toy mix and this is one with solid sound and one that is child centered. In other words, it's not a noisy out of tune electronic keyboard that eats batteries. It's a set of chimes that kids can play by the colors or the numbers with music that is provided or explore as they compose their own melodies. It's marked 3 and up but really it works best with early readers who will enjoy following the music. In fact, the Chime Along offers a good way to reinforce the left to right tracking skills we need for reading the printed page. One added plus: the sound of this will not drive you to bonkers. In fact, you might want to try it yourself—have a singalong with the chime along.

Ages: Older Preschool and Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award 2022


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