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Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy Doll

(Manhattan Toy $35) Platinum Award

Baby Stella Boy is the same adorable boy baby we told you about in 2012. The only thing new about him is the packaging. That said, he's still a good choice. In his deep aqua blue and white onesie with licks of bright yellow and a dinosaur, this all fabric huggable with stitched features and a tuft of yellow fabric hair on top, is a sweet first birthday gift. Like all Baby Stella dolls he comes with a pacifier that has a magnet sewn inside so it sticks on with little effort and no danger. He's part of a line of adorable first dolls. This boy doll would make a good big brother doll for young big brothers. This season there is also a Sweet Dreams Stella ($45) in Lavender print pajamas. Ready for bed, this doll has a big fabric bottle and a small cuddly lamb in her arms. She has a matching Bunkie with a magnet sewn inside and unlike others, this one is scented with lavender, which may be pleasant, but we usually avoid scented toys since they can tick of allergies for some. 12 months and up. Award Year: 2015.

Ages: Toddlers.

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