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Learning Resources Take 10 Color Bug Catchers

Roll the color and number dice and pick up the number of bugs in the right color as the dice say. Players use the special grabbers to pick up their bugs. The player with the most bugs wins. A good choice for reinforcing counting and colors along with fine motor skills. Quick fun for beginners who are learning about turn taking and winning and losing. They will also like using the bugs for color sorting, counting and their own games. Try using them for learning about patterns: put down a line of bugs in a simple pattern such as purple, yellow, purple, yellow, purple...what will come next. Once they get the idea, make the patterns more complex. Yellow, yellow, blue, yellow, yellow, blue...what will come next? Showing them new and creative ways to use toys will inspire them to create their own original games.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2015

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