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Lottie Doll Collection

(Arku $19.99-$34.99) Platinum Award

Lottie is one of those special collectables, only 7.5 inches tall, available with different hair color, styles and interests. Best of all the Lottie collection conveys positive messages about the many roles girls can play. While her clothing choices are vast, she is more than another fashion plate. Like girls today, she has interests as varied as karate, soccer, riding and the solar system. Lottie Stargazer ($24.95) is dressed in a warm jacket, boots and hat to go out on a wintery night and view the sky with her own telescope (included along with solar system cards). Girls are encouraged to visit the European Space Agency website, to find space information, quizzes and games. Pony Club Lottie ($34.95) is the biggie of the season; a blonde Lottie dressed in riding clothes and packaged with her own black beauty pony. There are many other accessories for the young rider and this is sure to make a hit with the young horsie set. Also new and less pricey this season, Lottie Fossil Hunter with her backpack and hiking clothes, or Muddy Puddles in her yellow slicker and Rockabilly, a musician who wears a vintage school jacket and glasses. Each are $19.99. Like a number of other doll collections this year, you can find Lottie dolls with the accent on sports, active life and several with a link to STEM learning. For a small collectable, she has a lot of versatility. Marked for 3 and up, we think these will be easier for slightly older girls, who will be able to get the clothes both on and off. Preschoolers generally do not have the fine motor skills to handle the tiny shoes and clothes; they do well with the undressing part and then will need adult help to get the tiny clothes back on or add this to their collection of naked dolls. Award Year: 2015.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

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