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Manhattan Toy Groovy Girl Suki

(Manhattan Toy $14.95) Platinum Award

With her black straight hair and bangs threaded through with touches of pink, Suki is wearing an aqua glitter halter top dress with a flowery pink and aqua skirt. Her two tone pink shoes add the finishing touch. With stitched features and no small doodads, Suki is a soft fabric doll that girls of 3 and up will love taking wherever they go. Also new this season, Reagan, a Groovy Girl with reddish yarn ponytail laced with some blue threads that match the trim on her dress and flowery tights. She wears an aqua tulle skirt with her yellow and white shell blouse. Her light tan skin tone makes her blue stitched eyes stand out on her happy grinning face. Those silver shoes do not come off, but add a flair to this lovable newcomer in the Groovy Girl collection. 3 & up.

Ages: Preschoolers

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