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Manhattan Toy Travel + Comfort Chime Toy

(Manhattan Toy $8.00 each) Gold Seal Award

We like the musical jingle of these fabric rattles. You can hang one from the infant seat or play mat bars, to bat at with little hands or feet or use them for tickle and track games. The two textures of the body and tail make for contrasting sensory experience; both soft and silky. Though the eyes are small and faces indistinct, these elongated critters are fun for travel diversions when you need a variety of props to entertain baby, who will rarely stay interested in anything for long. These all-plush rattles come in three different colors and will fit into little hands before long. We discovered that the Fox with it's brighter color attracted our three-month old tester more than the pale pastel ones. For beginners, with the ring removed, this will not hurt if baby's bump a rattle into the face. Newborns and up.

Ages: Infants

Award Year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2015

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