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Learning Resources Primary Science Outdoor Discovery Set

Newest planting set in this excellent line of STEM toys for young scientists. It’s a 22- piece set with three see-thru plant pots, a watering can, vented lid, big view big jar, plant stakes, sprouting jar, scoop, and solid lid. Best of all (and not shown in the picture) there are ten activity cards with fun experiments to do. Some of the cards call for seeds such as pop corn kernels and other found items. Think of the cards as great recipes for parent and child experiments. It’s a kit you can come back to from time to time and one that leads to discoveries that require tending, watching over time and reading with beginners. They are not all instant pay-offs, but rather things that involve patience. You will need to do most of the reading on the activity cards, but that, too is a plus, demonstrating the importance of reading directions, understanding them, and following them to produce results. Use a camera to record how things change, or help kids keep a log book and have them draw what happens, mark drawings with the dates, and dictate or write what they observe. Early school years children not only like playing at being scientists, they enjoy using their new reading and writing skills to keep records of their discoveries. 3-7

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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