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eeBoo 12 color Pencils Striped Biggies

(eeBoo $15.00)

Want to build a love of pencil and paper tasks? Switch the 'task' word for 'fun' with these short but jumbo size pencils that are perfect for little hands to grasp without the strain of skinny pencils. Send a box to your summer camper and we bet you'll get a colorful letter in return. Choose a box with robots or fairies to fit you artist's tastes. These sets with a dozen juicy colors come with a sharpener that fits their thick size and they will go a long way in making writing and drawing a fun activity rather than a drudge they dread. Don't worry about having them practice copying numbers or letters. It is far more important to encourage them to use paper and pencil in open-ended ways and gain control of those fine motor skills with scribble drawings that help develop beginners eye hand skills. Bring home a matching sketch pad with robots or fairies. Either of these will be a gift to invite creativity as well as paper and pencil skills that kids will enjoy. 5 & up.

SNAP: These are fatter and easier to grasp pencils that kids will like using.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2015

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