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Crayola Washable Large Crayons

(Crayola $5.00 and up)

These large washable crayons are basic gear for beginners. Kids love to try their hands early on and the appeal of scribbling with colored crayons often comes long before they can understand that coloring on paper is a “yes” but the walls, furniture and floor is not. We have found that Crayola’s washable crayons give a truer color than most washable crayons that are often waxy and faded looking on paper. You’ll find Crayola Washables in large as well as standard sizes and packaged in 24 and 48 packs called Ultra Clean Washable Crayons. For 2’s and most 3’s the fat crayons are a better choice. The large crayons fit into small fisted hands that suit the way young children hold them. They are also less likely to snap than slender crayons. Crayola also makes a large washable triangular shaped crayon that may be easier for some children to grasp. We suggest a smaller pack of crayons for beginners. You don’t need to introduce all at 8 crayons at the same time. Better to replace a smaller pack more often than to buy a huge box that gets broken up. These are labeled non-toxic, but need adult supervision with kids who still mouth their toys.

Ages: Toddlers, Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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