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Journey Girls Dolls, New York 2016

(Toys R Us $39.99 each)

This year's Journey Girl Dolls are visiting New York City. Welcome to the Big Apple! As always they are beautifully dressed for their adventures in Gotham. Not only do they all have different colored hair, these girls have a truly individual look. Mikaella, a sophisticated foodie has strawberry blond hair and wears a floral blouse, a pink knitted sweater, black leathery skirt, and tall boots. Kelsey, with long auburn hair, is planning to visit the zoo, wearing a floral skirt, striped tee, and royal blue jacket with blue tassels on her shoes. Callie, a dancer, is an Asian American girl with beautiful black hair. She's dressed in a denim jacket, white tee, a floral hair band, and a long woven skirt. Kyla, the artist in the group is doing photos this year, clicking away at the skyline and Times Square. She’s dressed in blue stretch pants, a metallic dotted pullover and white zip-up vest. She’s a girl of color with brownish curly hair and hazel eyes. Dana, an animal lover wears tortoise-rimmed glasses that bring out her blue eyes and her dark brown hair. She wears a knitted wrap over her plaid jacket and navy blue skirt. Chavonne, a talented singer, is a girl of color with glorious Afro style hair and hazel eyes. She wears a denim skirt, lace blouse and red jacket accented by a leopard print scarf and animal print trimmed shoes. Meredith who will run in the Marathon, is a beautiful blue eyed blonde. She wears a knit dress emblazoned with New York City. Her purple quilted jacket has floral print sleeves. You’ll love her knee socks and sneakers. And you'll love the price for these beautifully made 18" dolls. Available exclusively at Toys R Us. 6 & up.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2016

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