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ALEX Toys Craft Cool Crocheting Kit

(Alex $14.99)

A beginner set for learning how to crochet by making three projects that will come in handy: a holder for a cell phone, a hat, and a sleep mask, for those who need total darkness when they go to bed. This comes with five balls of yarn a plastic crochet hook, a plastic needle for sewing pieces together, embroidery thread, two needles, and decorative foil hearts and button shapes to add to finished projects. There are directions in the package, but like so many crafts, learning to crochet is best when there is an adult at hand to show you how. Without making a huge investment, this kind of kit gives kids a chance to try their hand at a classic craft that may become a hobby. 8 & up.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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