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MGA Georgie Interactive Puppy

(MGA $129.99)

A golden retriever puppy, Georgie comes out of the box ready to play. He is supposed to respond to 12 voice commands such as sit down, stand up, let’s dance, shake, and high five. The thing is, he's just a puppy, so he doesn't always do as he's told. Testers say children need to learn to speak slowly and clearly or Georgie won't listen. That said, he's one cute puppy! He’s a furry off-white pooch with a red bandanna and a sweet expression on his face. Before giving any command you must get his attention by saying, “Hey, Georgie!” Wait for him to bark and then give the command. In a way learning, the sequence requires your child's memory skills, although it’s easy to forget given Georgie’s life-like responses. You charge Georgie with the USB cable that comes in the package so no batteries needed. A novelty toy that may not hold long term interest, but makes a good choice for kids who are longing for a pet that they cannot have due to allergies, apartment prohibitions, or other reasons. Marked 6 & up.

Age: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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