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eeBoo Mystery in the Forest, 42 Piece Puzzles

(eeBoo $8.00)

Artist Melissa Sweet has created Mystery in the Forest, a picture book scene with a castle, a queen, and fanciful children and creatures. It has 42 good-sized pieces that will turn into a big 11” X 15” picture with lots to look at and talk about together. Also in the same collection Animals at Work, a 42-piece puzzle featuring a construction site with animals running the cement mixer, crane, and an excavator. Also special a Daniel Kirk’s Firetruck, a realistic street scene with a big hook and ladder truck and a multicultural cast including an African American female officer directing traffic, a delivery man with boxes, a dogwalker, firefighters, construction workers, a father reading to a little girl and another father wheeling twins in a stroller. Again, there’s a lot to talk about when the puzzle is all done. Monika Forsberg’s Exploring the Deep is a lot like other underwater scenes she has done on other eeBoo products. This has a lot of fish and ships and some unusual divers. Give beginners strategies for finding the straight edges pieces to make a frame for the other pieces. These puzzles are marked 4 & up, but most 4’s and 5’’s will need help doing a puzzle with this many pieces.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2016

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