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eeBoo Sequences

(eeBoo $16.00)

Sequences goes a step further than eeBoo’s Before and After Activity Set. With sixteen sets of three cardboard tiles, players must put them in order with a beginning, middle and end and then tell a story about the events shown. All the colorful sets have matching color backgrounds and borders to serve as a visual cue. Playing around with sequences calls for logical thinking, problem solving and using visual cues to “read” a story. Endearing and lively images by illustrator Saxton Freymann inspire storytelling skills. These are all important for children before they can even read words on a page. Being able to tell a story, to tell it in ones own words provides the underpinnings for reading stories. Kids will enjoy playing with these cards solo or cooperatively with an adult or older child. Also see eeBoo’s Before and After.

SNAP: Introduce two sets of card at a time, not the whole box. Two sets allows you to show that cards that go together in a story have the same background color. Once the sets of three are together, look at the pictures together talking about what happened first, next and last. These picture cards are excellent raw material for telling original stories.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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