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Serabeena Glittery Treasure Boxes

(Serabeena $14.99)

Ideal for gift giving or party favors, a set of six little boxes in a variety of shapes that kids can decorate with the six confetti pens loaded with glittery shapes laden with glue. Before the glue dries add some of the puffy silver stars or colorful rhinestones. Younger kids will need help getting the glue guards off the pens. You’ll want to cover the work area and stick some smocks over their clothes before they begin work on their treasure box creations. Once dry, the glitter stays stuck under the glue. 6 and up, up, up. Serabeena also sells confetti pens in a set without the boxes. They would be useful for other craft projects.

Ages: Early school years, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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