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Playmobil Cruise Ship

(Playmobil $99.99)

Forget about pirate ships and doll houses. For 21st century sophisticates-kids who vacation on the high seas, here's the top of the line--a cruise ship with guest room and bathroom on the lower deck that opens for playable ease. There's a staircase for getting to the upper deck and a refillable swimming pool with a slide. Grab a deckchair and relax or have a snack in the restaurant. For kids who have done the cruise scene, this is the way to recreate the event. We're not sure how much it will appeal to kids who are not living the la dolce vita. That said, putting the ship together will be a good parent-child project. It includes three adult figures, two child figures, a life boat, lounge chairs, luggage, furniture, food, beverages, and many other accessories. For emergencies, you can add a lifeboat with a working motor or for entertainment, there is a singer with a stage kit that can be added on as well. 6 & up

Ages: Early school years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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