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Educational Insights, Word on the Street Junior

(Educational Insights $19.99)

If you like word games, this one is for you and as many as eight players or as few as two. The playing board is set up on a long street with the alphabet running up and down the middle. Players on each side of the board vie to get as many letters off the board as possible after they draw a card and spell a word that the card defines. The cards give broad definitions, such as something found in the garden or something in the kitchen. When the players on your side of the street agree on a word one player moves the tiles to your side of the board. Once a letter is used several times on one side of the street it will fall off the board and be captured by that team. Other players can spell words with those captured letters, but they don’t get to move the letter back on the board. There’s a lot of back and forth of letters during the opening rounds of this fun game. If you have young players who are not up to the spelling, they can still think up words to spell or match the letters on the board during set up. In other words, this makes for a fun time for a mixed aged family game time. Ideally, it’s meant for players from 7 to adults. A fast-paced contest with spelling and language skills involved.

Ages: Early School, Tweens, Adults

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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