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Mindware Unbored Carnival Kit

(Mindware $29.95)

Having run a number of backyard carnivals for birthdays and other fun occasions, we have to say this box would have come in handy. True, your kids can probably dream up most of the suggested activities in the box, but this is a good starter set. Whether they are going to run a small charity event to raise money for a good cause or entertain friends or family at a party or reunion, this kit comes with an idea booklet, a festive carnival sign, tickets, coupons for rewards (that might be traded for candy or other treats.) It also has a bean bag and the box itself contains a cut out target to set up for the game. There are rings for a bottle toss (you’ll have to fill soda bottles with water--they are not included). The kit also has two small water guns that can be used to knock off the 6 orange ping pong balls included in the kit. Perch the balls on top of soda bottles and let the water guns do their thing. For the barker there is a card stock megaphone and also a hand stamp for the ticket taker to use. Along with twine and another idea for a squirt gun game, the booklet has recipes for two kinds of popcorn and other food ideas that could be used as rewards for the games. 8 & up.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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