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Mudpuppy Jumbo Puzzle Fairy Friends

(Mudpuppy 14.99)

Clear a big space on the floor to work this jumbo size puzzle that will be a big 22-inch square when completed. With 25 big sturdy cardboard pieces, your preschooler will need help to get started. Give beginners strategies for solving puzzles; show him the pieces with smooth sides, the outside edges. Some puzzles have a frame, though this one does not. They will need to follow the illustration on the box and find the pieces that match the image. Younger kids will need help in discovering how to turn the pieces to find the right position. Keep in mind that doing the puzzle together does not diminish its appeal. Kids like to redo their puzzles multiple times as they gain a sense of mastery and can do it without assistance. We like the sturdy carrying case with a nice yarn rope handle for storage. Also see: a similar Jumbo Puzzle that features a multi-cultural cast of ballerinas instead of fairies. The Jumbo Ballerinas Puzzle ($14.95) is somewhat easier for beginners since three sides of the puzzle show the curtain on the stage frames the image. Marked two and up, but it’s a much better choice for 3s and 4s. Remember, you want to build their sense of confidence by bringing home toys that they can master instead of toys that they watch others do. Few if any 2s are ready for a 25-piece puzzle or one that is this complex.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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