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eeBoo Age of the Dinosaur Puzzles

Recognizing the typical dino-haulic’s love of all things dino, eeBoo has created something for every stage and age. For the preschooler, there’s 20-piece puzzle with big pieces that finish in an 11” X 15” picture with ten different dinos in the scene. This one comes packed in a box the size of your old animal crackers and even has a cloth handle.($5.99) 3 & up.

For the next level up there a 64-piece dino image ($9.99) with a volcano in the background. The pieces are not as large, and the finished image will be a 15-inch square.

For early school age kids who are ready to graduate to 100 piece puzzles, bring home the big box that finishes as an 18 X 27” image ($13.99) as pictured above . The pieces are big, so it’s a little easier than other 100-piece puzzles may be. You’ll need plenty of floor space for this one. One more dino treat, look for eeBoo’s newest growth chart with 33 stickers ($16.99). It can decorate your child’s room and be marked as your young dinosaur fan races to reach the top.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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