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Blue Orange Dr. Beaker AWARD PENDING

(Blue Orange $22.99)

Dr. Beaker has the look of a science game with beakers, stirrers, and colored marbles that represent molecules. However, it’s really a matching game with patterns that must be formed inside the beakers to match the challenge cards for each round of play. The base of the beakers is turned with stirrers and players must guide the colored marbles in and out of the slots by using the “doorway” that allows the marbles to roll into the center well and into its proper place. It’s a challenging handheld game of sorts with no electronic beeping. Kids need to use visual discrimination and some strategy to win several rounds and cards (the number of cards you need to win depends on the number of players.) A game for 2-4 players, 8 & up.

Ages: Older Early School, Tweens

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