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Wonderhood Pet Place

(Wonderhood 39.99)

A pet place with walls that show the many sections of a pet store and grooming center. It comes with twelve panels for walls, window, doorway and floors plus a bright orange exercise wheel. The set also includes a storekeeper, puppy, and bunny. There are endless ways to configure the panels with the clips. This is something like a house of cards, but with sturdier walls and clips so it will not collapse if you breathe too hard. It’s less challenging than most building sets with hundreds of pieces, but involves problem-solving decisions and lends itself to pretend play with a setting that will be pleasing to pet lovers. Putting the walls and connectors together takes some finger and hand power that kids will soon master. We missed the Wonderhood Hotel with a hand cranked elevator, for those that like this building system. KIds who don't like the detail builds with plastic bricks may be happy with Wonderhood Card system. Correctly marked 5 & up Also new this year, a Wonderhood Town House ($19.99). This will not take the place of a dollhouse, but it works as a small setting. It's a small 20-piece set with one play figure, eight walls with images for various rooms of a house that can be configured in endless ways. This little house setting might be a good office toy that can be pulled out for playtime.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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