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Corolle Classic Poupon 14” Large Baby Dolls

(Corolle $79.00)

Dressed in a blue one-piece long sleeved romper with striped trim and matching striped hat, Classic Blue Grand Poupon 14” baby doll is an armful of love. Just right for new big brothers or sisters as they learn about nurturing. Comes with a pacifier. An uncomplicated doll that makes it a good choice for early pretend play. Also charming, the 14” Sparkling Cloud doll, ($79) dressed in a pink skating-style dress decorated with hearts and a cloud. She has a pink and white cap with a golden bow that matches her golden tights and gold slippers. She does look like a very special holiday gift waiting for hugs. Both dolls are bald and have soft bodies and bottoms designed so they can sit up. They have sleep eyes that close when they lie down and vinyl heads, arms and legs. Like all Corolle dolls they have a vanilla scent. 3 & up

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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