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Magformer Tileblox, Rainbow 104 piece Set

(Magformers $139.99)

Wait until you see their faces when they open this box of colorful translucent magnetic blocks! There are six different shapes in the set and they can be combined to create buildings, creatures, objects, or pure abstract designs. This is a construction set with the magnets safely locked inside the plastic shapes and it’s a set that enhances STEM learning. With 104 pieces, there are enough in this set for several kids to use together. Marked for 3 and up, this is a toy that will be used in different ways by children of mixed ages or over the long haul it will be returned to from time to time. We think it will be more appreciated by older preschoolers (4s) and early school aged kids. It's an open-ended construction toy and invites science explorations of magnetic polarities as well as spatial relationships and math as they fit triangles together to make rectangles or pointy shapes. It combines problem solving with creativity. Also available in 30 piece set $54.99 and a 60 piece set, $84.99.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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