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Faber-Castell Dot a Design

(Faber-Castell $13)

Marked for 6 and up, these six design sheets are predesigned art, something we usually don’t like. But we can see how using the dot designer would help build little finger muscles and fine motor skills needed for writing. Often gaining that control is better done with art tools than pencil and paper. For some children this will be a real challenge, but one they may be willing to stick with if the colors and picture pleases them. Although this may be fun, kids also develop fine motor control and their own abilities as they have experiences with a blank piece of paper with markers, crayons, and paints that allow them to make their own pictures.

SNAP: As stated above, this is a kit that can help kids develop fine motor skills as they dab and dot the pre-made art. This kind of kit does not replace the importance of open ended art experiences. But for kids who often want an end product that looks finished, this kind of kit can have its own rewards as well as keeping kids at a task that calls for repetition and concentration.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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