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Vtech Pop-a-balls Push and Pop Bulldozer

(Vtech $19.99)

Knowing how much toddlers love big machines like bulldozers, this is likely to make a hit with toddlers. The ball pop action is sort of neat and not too frenzied as the balls pop into the scoop of the bulldozer, which then flips them back to the chute. That’s if there is just one ball in the action. But if there are two balls kids will have to go chasing them—which they are likely to love doing. The repetition of the actions here will appeal to toddlers, too. It’s a combo push and play toy. Marked for 12-36 months, little pre-walkers can enjoy the pop-a-ball toy action and rolling this on the floor before you add the handle as they become steady on their feet. It has music, phrases and counting games with push buttons onboard, although many of the preschool concepts are way beyond babies and toddlers who are not even talking yet. A new twist on classic push along toys.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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