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Crayola Washable Tripod Grip Markers

(Crayola $15)

A set of 8 triangular shaped washable markers with intense colors. Designed to help kids learn proper writing grip, these fit into a toddlers hand with ease and have the added asset of not rolling off of table tops, the way round markers do. Perhaps on purpose, the caps are very hard to get off, so these will require adult help for opening and closing. We would point out that caps on any markers are likely to fit in a choke tube and are a choking hazard for children who still mouth their toys. We suggest toddlers would be safer with chunky crayons, but if you are using markers, put the caps out of reach. Marked 24 months & up, we’d say these are a better choice for preschoolers, and will also be helpful for older kids with fine motor disabilities.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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