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Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls 2018

(Manhattan Toy $16 & up)

We’ve always been Groovy Girl fans and this year is no exception. With their soft bodies, yarn hair and stitched features, these are classics, ready for pretend play, comfort, and uncomplicated playmates that allow kids to use their imagination. This season’s new dolls are all refreshingly special. Consider Sunshine ($16) with her yellow zig-zaggy hair, red and white bathing suit, and flower trimmed beach sandals. Like all Groovy Girl doll shoes, they are sewn on so they won’t go lost. But her sunsuit can be removed and will reveal the standard Groovy Girl belly button. A nice birthday gift for summer. Kat

($16)comes with black string hair, sparkly pink slippers, denim tights topped with a knit tunic covered with cats and the word, “meow” all over it. For Princess lover’ there is

Princess Camellia ($22) with pastel mixed hair and an aqua satiny gown timed with silver brocade and pink roses. Of course, she wears long white satin gloves. Princess Abi ($22) a princess of color, has long brown hair, and wears silver slippers,

a scrumptious lavender off the shoulder gown with silvery trim, ruffles, and netting with a hat to match. And probably our favorite of the collection, a Special Edition Jamie ($22) ready for bedtime in yellow, white, and grey pajamas and

bunny slippers.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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