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Mudpuppy Animals of the World Four-in-a-Box Puzzle Set

(Mudpuppy $14.99)

There are four puzzles in this box and the backs of them are color coded. So, before they can put a single puzzle together, they'll need to play a color matching game and separate the puzzles. The four puzzles progress from 4 pieces to 6, 9 and then 12. Obviously, you’ll want to introduce the four-piece puzzle first. In fact, we suggest you introduce each puzzle separately and then perhaps put two out at once and reinforce the idea of separating them by the colors on the backs. Eventually, kids will like the fun of sorting all four puzzles and fitting them together. They have no frames to give beginners visual cues, so these are more challenging than most puzzles for the beginner. Although marked for 2 and up, we’d say that only the four-piece puzzle of penguins is right for twos. Some older twos will be able to do the six-piece tiger. We’d say that with the exception of the four piece puzzle, this set is a better choice for threes and fours.

Ages: Older Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018


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