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Blue Orange MindoO Robot, My First Logic Game

(Blue Orange $10.99)

There are several different themed sets of Mindo, challenging logic card games. We tested the Robot Edition, a brainteaser with colorful images of robots on the playing cards. The game comes with 60 challenge cards that show a color pattern that the player must assemble with the double-sided playing tiles. The robots need not be standing on their feet, but the tiles are tricky to arrange and just when you think you have solved the puzzle you do not have the one piece you need and have to rearrange the tiles all over again. It takes patience and some trial and error (perhaps more than logic) to make the match. Happily, the solution is printed on the back of every challenge card when you can wait no longer to see the solution. Maybe the way to go is to do the first few cooperatively and then alternate turns. A good choice for long flights, rainy days, or some non-screen quiet time. Also, Mindo Kitten, Mindo Puppy, Mindo Unicorn. These are all basically the same game with different themed images. It’s marked 5 and up, but we think older school age kids, even 8s and 9s will like this better, if you can get them to stay with the game.

Ages: Early School Age

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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